10 Business Ideas With 0 Capital

10 Business Ideas With 0 Capital
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10 Business Ideas That Do Not Require Money

The 19th century had the Industrial Revolution, the 20th century saw globalization, and now the 21st century has expressed the idea of entrepreneurialism like never before. It seems like every day there is a new startup company that everyone is crazy about, and with the hype comes fortune and success. Many of these startups were conceived in someone’s garage or desk, with little to no capital involved to push their idea forward. All these entrepreneurs had was a dream and a will to make this dream a reality. While it is certainly easier for businesses to get a head start with a lot of capital, here are 10 business ideas that do not require money to start.

1. Start a Podcast: Podcasts are one of the easiest ventures to begin in, as they require nothing more than a microphone and a computer, which almost everyone has in today’s world. Podcasts are a great business as they cover every subject and niche idea there is, which means it should be easy to gain a following. Podcasters gain most of their revenue by having advertisements or sponsors, and the more popular a podcaster becomes, the more ad revenue they bring in. Every 1,000 listeners will bring you an additional $25-$40, and the best part is you can podcast about what you are passionate about. This is a very self-directed business, and if enough time and effort are put in, you can gain a large following and become quite successful.

2. Resume Writer: Every person who steps into the professional world has a resume. Most people do not want to stress about making their own resume, and they also feel as though a professional may help make their resume stand out to their potential employers more. If you are a good writer, and a bonus if you have experience working with resumes, then a resume writing business is perfect. All you need for this idea is a computer and a word processor such as Google Docs or Microsoft Word. Resume writers charge their clients anywhere from $50-$400 depending on what is needed, so this is a quick way to make a profit, as well as a perfect word mouth business; if your product is good, your customers will refer their friends to you as well, which means you can gain a large clientele.

3. Meal Planning Service: Most people want to eat healthily, yet they do not know how to maintain a proper diet. Meal planners are vital as they have done countless hours of research to figure out the healthiest and most balanced diet, while still having tasty meals. Meal planners typically charge on an hourly basis, usually around $15, and all they need to get started is a computer to figure out the recipes they want to provide their clients.

4. Travel Planning: Travel planners help potential vacationers figure out the best trips for them and their traveling partners. There is not much required for this business idea other than a computer to help them a budget and plan their trip. Travel agents may charge on an hourly basis, as well as take a fee for each hotel and flight booked.

5. Professional Photography: Photographers are always needed to document events such as weddings, bar mitzvahs, and other special events. The only resource needed is a camera, and a client to trust in your photo taking skills. Photographers charge $25-$100 per shoot, and it is a word of mouth business, meaning that the better your product is, the more customers you will obtain.

6. Tutoring: If you are very proficient in a subject such as math, English, science, etc., you can become a tutor for younger children up to university students. Depending on your proficiency and experience, tutors can charge anywhere from $20-$75 an hour, but this can fluctuate based on what is being tutored. The only materials possibly needed are calculators.

7. Personal Trainer: Personal trainers help their clients get into shape or lose weight through customized workout regiments. Trainers can work from the comfort of their own homes, or travel to their client’s homes or gyms and lead them in fitness routines. There is nothing needed to start a personal training business other than knowledge in exercise. Personal trainers charge anywhere between $25-$100 per hour.

8. Nanny: Nannies look after and take care of younger children while their parents are at work or going throughout their day. As long as you know how to entertain and keep children safe, being a nanny is a great way to earn money, and if your client likes your services, you can be a nanny for multiple families at the same time. Nannies usually charge around $20 per hour of service.

9. Walking Tour Guide: If you live in a city that is popular with tourists, creating a walking tour is a great business to consider. Walking tour guides must be personable and funny, and have knowledge of the city they are giving a tour of to keep their clients entertained. Tour guides usually do not charge and work off of tips, so if the tour is good each person will tip around $5.

10. Blogger: Similar to podcasting, bloggers write about something niche that will attract a lot of readers. There is a lot of flexibility within blogging, but the best way to gain revenue is through ads and backlinks in their writing. Successful bloggers can make upwards of $10,000 per month, with the only requirement needed for the business being a computer and internet connection.

These are only ten ideas of how you can start a business today with no money and make money. That being said once you earn those first few bucks, reinvesting back into yourself will only help your operation grow. The final question still remains, however, what are you waiting for?


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