We all have dreams and goals we want to achieve. One of the most important skills you must acquire to cover the distance between where you are right now and where you want to be is motivation. You must be able to generate and sustain the energy to propel yourself to your dreams and keep going; this is called motivation. I will try to show you a few ways to keep your motivation cup brimming with freshness.

Take responsibility

It is your responsibility to keep yourself motivated; you need to come to terms with that. Even as you accept the responsibility for where you are right now, you need to shoulder the burden of keeping yourself motivated right now and in the future. Do not wait till you feel motivated to take the steps to greatness; stop waiting for someone else to come along and infuse fire into your bones. Your motivation is your responsibility; rise and look for your fire!

Your company is vital

If you want to stay motivated, stick with motivated and motivating people. Make sure you are very far from pessimistic people who are not ready to go anywhere and are not interested in helping you get far.

Surround yourself with the kind of people that will not allow you to give some excuses for not succeeding at setting goals. Your company must expect the best from you and must be such that it can keep you accountable for the goals you have set.

They must also be people who aim high, dream big, and are ready to make their dreams come true. There are many things in your life that you have no control over, but not your friends. Choose your friends wisely if you are going to go far.

Keep a tab on your progress

Before you set out to achieve a big goal, the best thing is to break it into simple sequential steps that lead to the big dream. This is called goal mapping. If you are able to map your goals very well, you have a better chance of achieving them and keeping them alive.

Make sure every part of the process is well marked out with deadlines and due-dates. This will keep you accountable and focused every step of the way. Setting goals without giving them dates is not the best for motivation. Allow your goals to put you under pressure and force you to be responsible.

To stay motivated, you need to take a break after every little accomplishment to celebrate a milestone. It may look small, but it will help you build confidence to sustain the motivation. Give yourself a treat; take yourself out; spoil yourself a little. It is a simple reward system that helps you to retain steam every step of the way.

Feed your courage

Real dreams can be daunting, and you may need all the courage you can muster to get it done. Stay motivated by consciously feeding your mind with possibility and possibility. Read books that will keep the fire in your bones. Watch video clips and listen to podcasts that will keep you awake all night to fulfill your dreams.

If you have made up your mind to fulfill your dreams, the truth is that you are unstoppable until you start to believe otherwise. The most difficult man to stop is a man on a mission fortified with a sense of purpose. Keep the fire burning; keep the dreams alive, and keep your eyes on the prize!



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