Why People Find It Difficult To Maintain Their Happiness

Why People Find It Difficult To Maintain Their Happiness

Happiness is mind over matter


Happiness starts with you. Not with your relationships, not with your job, not with your money, but with you.

We start with this saying because it reflects the actual reality. How many times does it happen when you try to look for happiness from the outside world? You try to hold onto some person, or wait for certain things to occur so you could put a smile on our face

You always rely on other things or people in order for you to experience happiness, but what you forget is that happiness comes from within.

The problem is we never really consider happiness as a state of mind. Instead, we associate it with a particular person or an event. We perceive it as a feeling or emotion. For instance, if someone were to ask you about the last time you were the happiest? The answer would be a time when something or some event occurred months or years ago.

Like when your friends threw a surprise birthday party for you, when you got admitted into a famous college, the day of your wedding, or it could be the day you got your first pay cheque deposited into your bank account. Well, that’s where the problem lies.

You often link your happiness to some event, person or people. But if you’re going to wait for people or those events to make you happy, you never know when you will be able to feel that way again. Instead, take a deep dive within yourself and try to find true happiness within.

As soon as you realize that you are the only one who is responsible for your happiness, you will see the changes within yourself, a good change that will be visible through a smile on your face.

It is essential to sit back at times to ponder and re-evaluate yourself. What are the things that hold you back? What did you do wrong?  How do you make things better? Once you invest a little time into searching your inner self, you will eventually find these answers. It will give you inner peace, satisfaction, and happiness. It also helps when you begin to develop a habit of not focusing on things that make you unhappy. You will eventually find the things that provide you utmost joy.


what are the reasons holding you back?

Every person has his own reasons. It depends on the individual and his reaction to specific situations in his life. But we have some common reasons that may promote negative vibes and prevent people from experiencing happiness.

  1. Low Self-Esteem

People with low self-esteem find it harder to be happy. People with low self-esteem are extremely critical of themselves and often judge themselves harshly; they always ignore positive things around them and focus on the negative aspects of life.

They are full of negative feelings and do not believe that they are capable of making themselves or other people feel good and happy. They often struggle to find happiness within and they have a leaning tendency to always ignore everything that is positive.

  1. Sticking with the wrong people in your life.

One of the common reasons that some people struggle to find happiness is due to their inability to let go of bad people and relationships. These people are so toxic that they destroy your mental health, make you forget who you are, and continuously let you down. Do not let these types of people stick around and make you suffer.

They can bring you down so low until it becomes almost impossible to find anything positive in your life.  No matter how hard life gets, avoid leaning on such people to advise or console you. Run as fast as you can away from them – Stay clear of them at all cost.

Although external circumstances do have the ability to impact your happiness, you can find plenty of reasons to be happy, if you take a little time to look within you and begin to change the negative perception you have of yourself.






  1. Accept yourself for who you are

That’s the number one rule to find happiness within. When you stop listening to what people say and don’t give them a chance to bring you down, it will suddenly become easier for you to be happy. Despite all your imperfections, accept yourself for who you are and don’t let people tell you otherwise.

Try to always create a positive environment around you, and try to find happiness in every little thing. Stop waiting for an event to occur or someone to make you happy.  Learn to love yourself, just the way you are.  Seek out and develop your skills and talents – those things you enjoy doing and are really good at. Find enjoyment in the little things in life.

Happiness is more than just an emotion or a feeling. It is within your control. You can be happy whenever you want to be. It is a state of your mind.


  1. Stop Holding onto your Past mistakes and Move on.

How often do you sit down, thinking about something wrong you did in the past, and you start regretting? Everyone has flaws, and everyone makes mistakes. The important thing is the way they learn from their mistakes and prevent their past from ruining their future.

You’re better off if you learn to forgive others and yourself for past mistakes. If you keep letting your past haunt you, you will never be able to enjoy your present and future. You will always end up hanging on to the bad moments of the past. Forget the bad memories and make better ones. You’ll find that there is much inner peace and happiness to be had in doing just that.


“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your actions.”

― Dalai Lama




The Bottom Line

We often overlook the fact that in order to enjoy real success, you need to have peace of mind. Happiness provides you with a clear focus and aids in your decision making process.

The decisions you make will never be sound unless you are at peace with yourself. Happiness is contagious. You feel happy when you make others happy. Keep smiling, Stay Positive, and Stay happy.




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